Website End Date:
Unfortunately our group hasn't been able to gel as much as hoped and planned - not due to anyone's fault, these things are not easy to get going. That being said, I have paid for the domain and the hosting of this website for about a year and a half and I will be shutting the site down in mid-June unless an alternate funding source can be identified.

If there is anything you want to save, please copy it locally to your computer now. Thank you.

- Mark


Welcome to the MSPAG!

The Mid-South Pyrotechnic Arts Guild is a group of dedicated pyrotechnic enthusiasts, who would rather build, buy, and shoot fireworks than do just about anything else. We hope that you will look around this web site and enjoy the information and pictures of our club. We are centrally located in the heart of the South around the Nashville, Tennessee area and we have members from several states that get together for one reason: Fireworks!

MSPAG provides our members an environment where they can gain experience and knowledge in shooting fireworks, building fireworks, safety training and understanding the regulations that govern our craft. We also provide service and education to the general public to promote the safe and positive use of fireworks in our region.

Feel free to look around and learn more about us. We encourage you to explore the world of safe and legal fireworks and hope to meet you as a guest and ultimately as a member of our club.