Website End Date:
Unfortunately our group hasn't been able to gel as much as hoped and planned - not due to anyone's fault, these things are not easy to get going. That being said, I have paid for the domain and the hosting for about a year and a half and I will be shutting the site down in mid-June. If there is anything you want to save, please copy it locally to your computer now. Thank you.

About Us

Welcome to the Mid-South Pyrotechnic Art’s Guild (MSPAG). We are a group of fireworks enthusiasts and professionals that practice and promote safety in fireworks, as well as safely building and displaying fireworks. We are a new club, founded in 2016 whose purpose, as stated in our club by-laws sums is:

“The purpose of the Guild shall be to promote and encourage safe, legal and artful pyrotechnic operation in the Mid-South region of the United States through training, demonstration and exchange of information.“

The MSPAG hosts events in several different states across the region giving its members more legal opportunities to practice their hobby. We continue to scout the area for newer sites to add to our calendar to bring more of these opportunities to the membership. We also have many different types of events. Some are demonstations where you can preview the latest and best consumer products for the coming season and see if your old favorites are still up to par. Other events are based around fun competitions, display opportunities and building & teaching sessions. Regardless of your area of interest you will find a relaxed atmosphere with opportunities to shoot off fireworks for those not interested in competitions or putting on larger displays.

Membership in the MSPAG has many benefits:
  • Our members work with local and regional wholesalers and retailers who offer us special members-only pricing.
  • Three or four meetings each year to conduct club business, hold seminars and training.
  • There are at least three club shoots each year. Our shoots are generally held in Tennessee, Kentucky and Georgia.
  • Ultimately, the MSPAG is a family oriented social club whose members share a common interest in fireworks.

Interested in more information? Contact us and submit a membership application!